Neste’s Sustainablity Reporting for 2015


Neste has a long and successful history in sustainability reporting. In 2015, the company identified a need to renew their reporting concept, the target being a concise sustainability report focusing on the most material issues. To facilitate the process, company’s sustainability and communication teams wanted to utilize external expertise, not only to strengthen resources but to also challenge established processes and descriptions as well as introduce fresh ones.

We kicked off our cooperation in September. My role in the project included consultation and further sparring the structure, contents and production process of the sustainability section in the annual report. Further, I carried out several interviews of the corporate top management and experts, and, based on these interviews and diverse other sources, wrote and edited texts for the sustainability section in the annual report.

The Annual Report 2015 was released on 7 March 2016, and is available on Neste’s website.