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I work as Corporate Responsibility and Communication Advisor in a company of my own – Sari Kuvaja Signals – in Amsterdam and Helsinki. My services include:

  • CSR programmes for companies
  • supply chain analyses
  • stakeholder analyses and interviews
  • CSR reporting and communication
  • planning and producing publications
  • text production and editorial work
  • speechwriting

Reliable and credible CSR communication is based on a strategic approach with a long-term vision, goal-directed operations and active, open dialogue with stakeholders. Thus, when helping clients in CSR communication, I also contribute to strategy development, defining material CSR issues and advising in stakeholder dialogue.

During my career, I have had clients from forestry sector, including forest industries, retail and brewery sectors, fashion and textile industries, energy sector and communication and publishing industries.

Further, I have worked as a communication advisor and trainer for various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and church organisations, specializing on advocacy work, campaigning and media relations.

Apart from consultancy projects, I have published several books and tens of articles on corporate responsibility and related issues, and lectured on corporate responsibility issues to various audiences in companies, NGOs and academia.

I have a M.Sc in International Marketing of Forest Industry Products from the University of Helsinki and a Degree from Helsinki Secretarial College.

May I help you? Please give me a call or send an email:

Sari Kuvaja
tel. +358 40 528 2820 (FI)
tel. +31 6 2170 6161 (NL)